Corporate info

Headquartered in Taizhou city, Jiangsu Province and started business in 2012, we are a holding company conduct our operations in China through our subsidiary, Taizhou Kepuni, in the PRC. Taizhou Kepuni is a High-Tech Enterprise integrating schematic designs, research and development, and supporting marine communication for marine engineering, ship communication, navigation, driving control and power distribution equipment.

The Company specializes in providing services and products in nautical communications electrical systems. Our products are widely used in the maritime, shipyard, internet communication industries. We serve 557 customers throughout the PRC and our product portfolio includes navigation systems for internal and external, electrical control systems, automatic systems, integrated information management control systems. Our major products and services include engineering supporting communication and telecommunications electrical systems and devices, integrated information management systems, nautical internal communication systems, nautical automation (control) systems, and navigational driving consoles and power distribution systems.Specifically, we offers1) Electrical Control System: 2) Nautical Main Switchboard; 3) Waterproof Sound and Light Alarm; 4) Engine Room Monitoring Station; and 5) Power Box.The Company has 10 issued Chinese patents with exclusive rights to utilize the processes rights within the valid term.

We are committed to offering our customers superior product diversity, quality, and reliability and we have a number of competitive advantages such as top-notch technology,integration of intelligence system,competitive pricing. rigorous quality control and superior customer services and manufacture capacity efficient operations with significant scalethat will enable us to maintain and further increase our market position in the industry for the national market.